No, short films are also collected in random from video streaming sites.
There is no specific type of feature/short films. All feature/short films are collected at random.
Searching short films in such sites will be difficult. So, we provide various filters to search and save short films easily.
At present the filters to search feature/ short films are language, duration, year, country and animation.
Definitely. The filters may include genre, no. of characters, interior/exterior, categories, tags, twists and many more.
Probably, there will be some error in embedding of videos. It will be resolved as soon as it is informed to us.
Any short films that are not vulnerable.
You can remove the whole short film or just only the reviews. Please contact us through disclaimer page.
The free ideas are unique while it is submitted. But, as many people come across those ideas it may not remain unique.
Absolutely, you can use it directly or modify it.
No, you don’t need to give any kind of credits.
No. If you sell, you will be sued.
No. We do not give any ideas in private. But you can buy an idea from premium ideas of story slates.
All films entered are eligible to participate in the US Hollywood Int’l Golden Film award Competitions,upon Award Nominations in each category , winning films are announced at a premiere redcarept awards ceremony during the festival in each year’s  December.
No,films must be completed in order to be screened.
during Int’l Film Screening, Hollywood, California.
We will send out notification to the contact person on the entry form by mid-Oct at the latest via e-mail or phone regarding the status of your film.