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Short Ideas
The Stallion

The story dates back to the 16th century. A crippled boy tries to figure out how to ride a horse. His friends were great in horse riding. They tease him. He decides to ride the horse and substantiate himself gifted and bold. He tries hard and shows improvement over a normal. Yet he fails to win a race. His friends comprehend his determination and help him. They get enlivened from him and their fellowship fortifies.

Best for animation
Ghost in my House

A ghost hunter gets a call from a home. They ask assistance from him as they believe that there are ghosts in their home. He reaches their spot and tries to figure out the actuality. After two days he comes to realize that the family that called him never existed.

Best for live action
The Artwork of God

The film starts with a boy who sees everything upside down. Yet he is clever. His face is not shown. The reason for that is maintained as a secret. His single mom works in a restaurant. She loves to paint. Yet one day she gets disappointed after numerous efforts to sell her masterpiece. One day she notices the kid who scribbles a simple art. She actualizes that thought. The painting gets sold for an immense sum. She kisses the kid. A family picture tumbles down. The picture demonstrates the kid with his mother in which the kid's face is titled.

Best for live action

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